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Rabbi Singer zt"l


Schedule of Shiurim and Classes

 Exact times and dates are noted on our calendar


Weekly Shiurim:

  •    Rav Singer Chevra Mishnayos Shiur: Daily between Mincha & Maariv
  •    Mishna Berura Yomis: Daily after Maariv
  •    Daf Yomi by Rabbi Fishelis: Sun - Thu at 8:00 PM
  •    Mishlei Shiur: Sunday mornings, 7:45 AM
  •    Women's Shiur in Tehillim: Monday
  •    Rabbi Romm's Ha'amek Davar Shiur for men and women: Wednesday at
  •       9 PM
  •    Torah Topics: given by Rabbi Mayer Friedman. Friday mornings, 9:15 - 10:15 AM

Shabbos Shiurim:

  • Rabbi Romm--1 hour before Mincha
  • Daf Yomi--1 hour before Mincha


Rabbi Romm's Lectures -- A collection of shiurim delivered by Rabbi Romm in a variety of places, including Yeshiva University, where he is an instructor in Talmud at the Isaac Breuer College.

Copyright   All rights reserved, no part may be copied or used without express written permission.