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Rabbi Singer zt"l


Tisha B'Av Fast Day
Thursday, July 30th
Tisha B'Av begins Wednesday evening, July 29th
and continues until Thursday night, July 30th

Wednesday, July 29th:
Mincha: 6:30 PM
Fast begins: 8:13 PM
Maariv & Eicha: 8:45 PM

Thursday, July 30th:
Shacharis: 6 AM & 8:45 AM
  • The 8:45 Shacharis will break following the Haftara and participants will go home to recite the Kinos. The minyan will regroup in Shul at 1:15 PM for Eli Tziyon and the end of Shacharis, followed by Mincha at 1:45.
Mincha: 1:45 & 7:45 PM
Tisha B'av World Wide Event from your own home - for more info Click here
Maariv: 8:45 PM
Fast Ends: 8:58 PM

Light refreshments to go will be served following the fast,
sponsored by the Jacob family in memory of Heshey Jacob, Z"L
May we merit to rejoice with the restoration of G-d's Presence
to Jerusalem speedily in our days

Have an easy fast